What NFL players have won the most Super Bowl rings?


It’s pretty hard to win one Super Bowl in the NFL. 

Well, that actually depends on who you ask. 

There have been a number of NFL players that have won multiple Super Bowl titles, collecting enough rings to put one on each finger. 

It’s not an easy task, but one that has been accomplished. And when you’re talking about the most Super Bowl rings, the conversation starts and stops with one person. 

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. 

Brady has the most Super Bowl rings with seven. He won six in his time with the New England Patriots (‘01, ‘02, ‘04, ‘14, ‘16, ‘18) and picked up his seventh last season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Super Bowl LV. 

The 44-year-old also has five Super Bowl MVPs and is 7-3 in Super Bowl appearances. 

Brady set a record that is going to be tough to beat, but it stops at seven. The 44-year-old reportedly is set to retire, ending his run at an eighth Super Bowl ring. 

But who else has the most rings?

Behind Brady is Charles Haley, the linebacker who was a part of both the San Francisco 49ers teams that won in the late 1980s and the Dallas Cowboys dynasty of the 1990s that took home three Super Bowls. Haley was a starter in all five Super Bowl games. 

Has any player won a Super Bowl with two different teams?

Besides Brady and Haley, Bill Romanowski is the most notable Super Bowl winner who played on multiple teams. The legendary linebacker was on the roster for the 49ers’ teams in ‘88 and ‘89 that won Super Bowls. Romanowski also won two more championships later in his career, also in back-to-back fashion – this time with the Denver Broncos in 1997 and 1998. 

Has any player won a Super Bowl with three different teams?

Matt Millen, a former linebacker, was on the 49ers for their win in 1989. But before he joined San Francisco, he already had two Super Bowl championships to his name -- two with the Raiders, coming in 1980 and 1983. He went on to win a fourth Super Bowl with Washington during the 1991 NFL season.

Which other NFL players have four or more Super Bowl rings?

Looking at other players that won four rings, Marv Fleming was a member of the first two Super Bowl winning teams, taking home rings in 1966 and 1967 with the Green Bay Packers and then going back-to-back again in 1973 and 1974 with the Miami Dolphins. 

Ted Hendricks was a member of four Super Bowl winning teams – one with the Baltimore Colts in 1971 and three with the Raiders (1976, 1980 and 1983). Adam Vinatieri was a member of the Patriots team that won three Super Bowls in the early 2000s and then got his fourth ring with the Indianapolis Colts in 2006. . 

The 49ers’ dynasty, with legendary quarterback Joe Montana at the helm in the 1980s, resulted in a number of players getting four rings.

In addition to Montana, Keena Turner, Eric Wright, Mike Wilson and Ronnie Lott all played in those four Super Bowl wins for San Francisco. 

Former offensive lineman Jesse Sapolu also owns four Super Bowls rings, with three of them coming with those same 49ers listed above. However, he was not a part of the 1981 team. Instead, his fourth Super Bowl came in 1994 with a San Francisco team that did not have Montana, Lott, Turner, Wright or Wilson. 

Finally, the Pittsburgh Steelers' reign in the 1970s produced 21 players with four Super Bowl rings, as Pittsburgh won Super Bowls in ‘74, ‘76, ‘78 and ‘79. Among those players bearing a quartet of titles are Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Mean Joe Greene, Mel Blount and Lynn Swann. 

Here is the full list of those players who were a part of all four of the Steelers’ titles in the 1970s. 

Rocky Bleier

Mel Blount

Terry Bradshaw

Larry Brown

Sam Davis

Steve Furness 

Joe Greene

L.C. Greenwood

Randy Grossman 

Jack Ham

Franco Harris

Jon Kolb

Gerry Mullins

Donnie Shell

John Stallworth 

Lynn Swann 

J.T. Thomas

Loren Toews

Mike Wagner

Mike Webster

Dwight White

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