Where do Bears land in Week 4 power rankings?


In Week 3, the Bears notched a 23-20 win over the Houston Texans to give them a 2-1 record on the season. 

Their record is now better than the Los Angeles Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals and the Cincinnati Bengals. They've proven plenty of doubters wrong and are competing impressively against their weekly opponents. 

National pundits can't seem to pinpoint their ranking. The Bears have a winning record but are supposed to be one of the league's worst teams. Last week, after a loss to the Green Bay Packers, national savants pegged them a bottom three team in the league. 

Now, the Bears are back on the rise after a late-game field goal from Cairo Santos secured them their second win of the year. 

Here's where the Bears land in national power rankings heading into a game against the New York Giants in Week 4. (The bottom line signifies their current power ranking.)

Before Week 3 - 28th
After Week 3 - 22nd

Before Week 3 - 28th
After Week 3 - 24th 

Before Week 3 - 30th
After Week 3 - 27th

FOX Sports 
Before Week 3 - 24th
After Week 3 - 15th

Before Week 3 - 29th
After Week 3 - 28th

Last Sunday's win over the Houston Texans gave eye-popping performances. Smith recorded his best game of the season, putting up 16 tackles and a game-sealing interception. And Khalil Herbert subbed in for an injured David Montgomery and posted a 157-yard and two-touchdown stat line. 

However, every blurb following the Bears' ranking from the national powerhouses had the name "Justin Fields" in it. While each outlet gave credit to the Bears for another surprising victory on the season, some (Yahoo!, NFL.com) were reserved to boost the team's ranking because of the young quarterback. 

Fields hasn't done much to prove he's a serviceable quarterback this season. Through three weeks, Fields ranks 32nd amongst quarterbacks in passing attempts, completions, yards and completion percentage. Understanding these stats, it's feasible why some are hesitant to rank them nicely, even though they have a winning record. 

The Bears, however, received kudos from ESPN, who ranked them 22nd for this week's rankings, and FOX Sports, who plugged them in as an above-average team in the league at 15th. 

The team has another weaker opponent on the schedule -- following their win over the Texans (0-2-1) -- with the New York Giants at MetLife stadium. The Giants have notched impressive wins so far this season, taking down the Titans and the Panthers. But, the battle of unruly 2-1 teams should play in the Bears' favor if they continue to play with the aggression and energy they've brought through three weeks. 

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