Why Allen Robinson's agent is mad on Twitter during Bears game


Allen Robinson’s agent was not happy with the Bears’ first red zone trip on Monday Night Football, so he did what any unhappy Bears’ fan would do and tweeted about it.


To be fair, Foles did look Robinson’s way on the Bears’ first-and-goal play before checking across the field. But the All-22 film won’t be released for a few days so we’ll have to wait to definitively see whether that was a good choice, or a poor one.

After that, the Bears tossed a ball to Cordarrelle Patterson, then ran a combo route away from Robinson on third down. While the rush was a decent attempt, neither pass looked like it had much of a chance.

At least Parker should be happy that his client caught a pretty 24-yard pass to set up that field goal drive?

Through the Bears’ first three drives, Robinson has caught all four of his targets for 44 yards.

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