Why Fields didn't celebrate his QB1 nod with his parents


Justin Fields is officially QB1 on the Chicago Bears' depth chart. And it's official going forward regardless of Andy Dalton's health and availability.

And when he got the news, he went home to tell his parents who were in town. His parents, who were in town, wanted to go out and celebrate but Fields declined.

"I told them and they wanted to go out to celebrate and I'm cool as I'm trying to win this weekend," Fields said

Probably a smart move. While the Fields family would've tried to be discreet, going out to celebrate in public in the era of social media probably would've alerted some fans at the restaurant.

His parents went out to celebrate without him.

So what did Fields do? He stayed at home and watch film with his dog Uno.

"I was just home with with my dog Uno, watching film last night," Fields said. "So that's that's all I was doing."

Dialed in.

"I mean, of course, there's, you know, some some reason to celebrate," Fields noted. "But you know, I'm not just going to be complacent with where I'm at, I'm going to continue to grow, continue to get better and just just try to work hard each and every day to, you know, get get wins on Sunday."

That's our QB1.

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