Why ‘here we go again' may not be a bad thought for the Bears' defense


When Russell Wilson dropped a perfectly-placed dime to receiver Tyler Lockett in the back corner of Soldier Field’s north end zone on Monday night, it was naive to think some players on the Bears’ defense didn’t have "here we go again" cross their mind.

That score cut the Bears’ lead to 17-10 with plenty of time for a Super Bowl-winning quarterback to mount a comeback. More importantly, it came eight days after Aaron Rodgers fired an outlandishly-good touchdown pass to Geronimo Allison (who, like Lockett, beat Kyle Fuller on the play) for a touchdown that sparked a monumental fourth quarter Packers rally.

But thinking “here we go again” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a negative thought leading to a self-fulfilling prophecy. For cornerback Prince Amukamara, it wound up being a motivational, positive thing. 

“I don’t know how other players thought, but I know personally for me, I kinda caught myself and said, okay, do not say here we go again,” Amukamara said. “Just know, try to remember what happened last week and try to step it up that much more to prevent it from happening. I think it definitely was in the back of my head and because it was, it just made me want to play that much harder. 

“… You try to take control of that thought because yes, they did march down the field and then it was 17-10 and it’s still in the fourth quarter, and it’s like gosh, we played so hard in the first half, let’s continue to finish. I was happy to stretch the lead a little more.”

Amukamara’s pick six on a swing pass to running back Rashaad Penny happened because of film study and coaching to jump that route, as well as catching thousands of balls from JUGS machines during the offseason. The extra motivation he got from not wanting the same Week 1 fate to befall his team in Week 2 was a bonus. But the mentality on the sideline after Wilson’s touchdown to Lockett was confident and positive, to the point where Eddie Jackson told Amukamara they should do a baseball celebration if one of them got a pick-six (that celebration didn’t happen in the commotion of Amukamara’s touchdown). 

Still, the Bears’ defense probably needed to finish the way they did against Seattle — with Amukamara’s pick-six and Danny Trevathan’s strip-sack — to make sure “here we go again” didn’t become a bad thing. Amukamara pointed to his third year in the league, when the New York Giants began the 2013 season with six consecutive losses, as an example of how things can spiral negatively. 

“We couldn’t get over that hump,” Amukamara said. “We just have to make sure that we don’t get that mood here.”

The Bears’ defense believed it could and would finish a game if given another opportunity following their Week 1 loss. But believing something and following through on it can sometimes be two different things, so for this group to accomplish what they set out to do on Monday can pay dividends the rest of the season. 

Meaning: The next time the Bears get in a similar situation as they had in Green Bay, they can think “here we go again” — but in the sense of finishing out a win, not losing control for a loss. 

“For us to be resilient and come up with the win, it shows a lot of character with our team,” Amukamara said. 

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