Why Luke Getsy admired Bears fans from afar in GB


It would be unfathomable for a Bears fan to switch allegiances to the Packers, or vice versa. For coaches and players, changing sides of the bitter rivalry isn’t so preposterous, however. Jim McMahon did it at the end of his career. Julius Peppers moved straight from Chicago to Green Bay in 2014. And new Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy is doing the same thing, except he’s headed south. But unlike coaches or players who can compartmentalize the move as a necessary step in their careers, apparently the switch can be a little harder for the younger members of their family.

“It’s been a challenge for my children,” said Getsy in an interview with Bears play-by-play man Jeff Joniak. “ They’re like, ‘Wait a minute. Which one? I have to cheer for the Bears now, right?’

“I got the four-year-old convinced. It took about three or four days. So now he wakes up, comes down in the morning and goes, ‘The Bears are going to win today!’ and I’m like ‘You got it, dude.’ So we’re good.”

Getsy does not seem to be having any trouble trading places in the bitter rivalry. Part of that may be due to fond memories of Bears fans and Soldier Field from his time coaching with the Packers.

“The very first thing I thought about was 2019, opening night of the season,” Getsy said. “That national anthem moment, it gave everybody on our sideline chills. So when I’ve gone through that process of talking about it, that’s my vision, creating that. I can just see us in the playoffs, Coach (Eberflus’) defense is out there, Coach Alan (Williams’) defense is out there on the field, and I hear that noise. It was as loud and passionate of a crowd as I’ve ever been a part of. So that moment, I can’t wait to realize that moment again.”

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