Why Michael Irvin believes Bears marquee destination


With many teams looking for a new head, general manager, or both, there’s been some talk about whether or not the Bears are a marquee destination for candidates going through the hiring cycle. On Wednesday, Hall of Fame wide receiver and three-time Super Bowl champion Michael Irvin appeared on WGN TV and assured Bears fans that Chicago is “absolutely” still a top-tier landing spot for incoming hires.

“Chicago’s a great franchise and has a great history,” Irvin said on WGN. “It’s one of those franchises, you can’t write the history of the NFL without mentioning certain aspects of Chicago. When you talk about the ‘85 Bears, I must hear that name 1,000 times a year. So, absolutely, it’s a great site, and a good, young defense, right now. They just need a head coach to put it all together, and bring everybody together, and you can get right back into the thick of things.”

Beyond that, the Bears also have an enticing young quarterback, with four years left of team control before needing an extension, and two of the best pass rushers in the NFL. Obviously any prospective head coach will need to share the Bears’ belief in Fields. But it’s not hard to see why he’s an exciting talent for any coach to mold. Fields has incredible arm talent, oft-mentioned 4.4 speed, and the toughness and determination to carry him to incredible heights. It’s an unbelievable combination of attributes, and only the Jaguars can offer similar upside at the position.

Of course, the best path to the playoffs is by winning the division, and once again the Bears are well situated to rise to the top. Green Bay has dominated the NFC North for decades, but with Aaron Rodgers’ uncertain future that could change in a hurry. The Vikings have been mired in mediocrity, like the Bears. But with Kirk Cousins becoming a free agent in 2022 and Kellen Mond sitting behind him, the Bears have the brighter quarterback picture. As for the Lions, well, they’re still the Lions.

But like Irvin said, one of the top reasons the Bears are still a marquee destination is simply because they’re the Bears. They will always be the charter franchise. The team of George Halas and Walter Payton and Mike Ditka and Dick Butkus. They have an incredibly rich history, and a fan base starved for another Super Bowl champion. The man who can bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Chicago will be deified along with those other legendary names.

That is something truly no other team can offer.

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