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Blackhawks' Connor Bedard hates losing: ‘I can be a little grumpy after a bad game or loss'

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The Chicago Blackhawks were routed by the Detroit Red Wings 6-1 on Sunday, and even though it was just a preseason game, Connor Bedard wasn't too happy about it.

"I was thrilled," Bedard said with a smirk. "No, I think we were all really mad after that one. You guys watched the game, it was bad. Just the pride we have playing for this team and this organization, it always hurts when you lose, and it's no different whether it's camp, preseason, whatever. That one stung for sure."

Bedard hates losing in general. There was a time earlier in training camp where Nick Foligno said Bedard was a little sour that his team lost during a team scrimmage.

"Connor was extremely upset he lost today, which I love," Foligno said at the time. "Honestly. I was looking at him and he was pouting over there. I just love that. Everything matters, especially in training camp. So you're already seeing the competitive nature of some guys and how guys walk into the room and how they react and carry themselves."

Bedard acknowledged he's competitive in anything he does. It's just how he's wired, and it's probably one of the many reasons why he's excelled at every level.

"Whatever I'm doing, obviously not to the same level as hockey — I can be a little grumpy after a bad game or a loss — but whether it's ping pong or golf or whatever, you always want to win," Bedard said. "I'm maybe not the happiest after a loss."

Asked how he exhales after a tough loss or moves on, Bedard responded: "Usually time. Or you win the next game, you feel better. Hopefully we can do that tonight."

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