Blackhawks Talk Podcast: Special guests Jeremy Roenick and Patrick Sharp


On the latest Hawks Talk Podcast, it’s all about the NHL All-Star game with Blackhawks greats, Patrick Sharp and Jeremy Roenick. Pat Boyle talks to Sharp about his lone All-Star appearance in 2011. Sharp explains how he was nervous during the draft and why he thinks he won the MVP voting. Roenick shares his memories from the 1991 All Star Game in Chicago. JR tells us the hockey idol that had the locker next to him and how he still thinks about the anthem, which he says is the greatest sign of patriotism he has ever seen in sports.

0:30 - Sharp on the 3 on 3 format

3:15 - Sharp on Ovechkin skipping ASG

4:15 - Kane going to ASG and the honor Sharp has over Kane

7:15 - Sharp’s memories of 2011 ASG

10:15 - MVP and who got the truck

15:15 - How would he tweak AS weekend?

18:50 - Where does JR rank Kane's season compared to others by #88?

19:05 - Does Roenick like the current format in the All-Star Game?

20:35 - Roenick looks back at the 1991 All-Star game in Chicago

21:10 - Roenick on being on the All-Star team with Wayne Gretzky in '91

22:40 - How Roenick almost won the MVP of the 1991 All-Star Game

24:25 - Roenick's encounter with Gordie Howe at an All-Star Game

Listen to the full podcast here or via the embedded player below:

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