Brent Seabrook showing signs of recovery in push-up challenge


It turns out NHL players are not immune to social media crazes.

Among the things spreading throughout Instagram right now, such as "see a pup, send a pup" in which people share pictures of their dogs on National Puppy Day, is the push-up challenge.

People are recording themselves doing push-ups and then nominating others to take part and get a workout in, too. Usually, 10 push-ups and then 10 nominations to hand out, but some athletes are taking it a step further.

Brent Seabrook was nominated and apparently went on to do 50 push-ups before nominating teammates Kirby Dach, Andrew Shaw and Adam Boqvist, among others. Dach completed the challenge himself and nominated Dylan Strome.

This is notable considering Seabrook underwent three surgeries in the span of about five weeks and seems to be on the road to recovery. Seabrook underwent surgery on his right shoulder in December before getting both hips operated on as well. His timetable for recovery should have him ready to go by training camp, but it's unknown at this point just when that might be.

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