Brent Seabrook thanks Blackhawks fans in full page ad


On Friday, Brent Seabrook announced his playing career was over.

He was honored in the arena with a video package and stick taps from both teams, but unfortunately Blackhawks fans weren't in the building to partake because of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

On Sunday, Seabrook took out a full page ad in both the Tribune and Sun-Times on Sunday to thank the fans.

This is how the letter reads:

To the city of Chicago and Blackhawks fans,

Thank you.

Thank you for letting a 20-year-old kid from Western Canada call this city home for my entire 15-year National Hockey League career. Thank you for allowing me to play the game I love in front of you. Thank you for accepting my family and me as a part of your community. Thank you for all the cheers and the energy, the Cups, the parades, the memories.

This may be goodbye for now, but Chicago will forever be my home and I will always be a Blackhawks.

To the best fans in all of sports, I say again, thank you.

Brent Seabrook.

Seabrook is a class act and fans will miss seeing him on the ice.

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