IIHF to decide Russian participation on Monday after Swiss request


Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) will meet on Monday to discuss Russia's involvement in upcoming events.

The meeting will come after the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation called for immediate sanctions against the Russian and Belarusian federations.

As they prepare for the upcoming IIHF World Championship (set to begin May 13), Switzerland's team won't travel to Russia for a pre-tournament friendly. The Swiss federation is requesting immediate exclusion of the Russian and Belarusian federations from the IIHF.

"Swiss Ice Hockey condemns the actions of the Russian government in the strongest possible terms. In these difficult times, Swiss Ice Hockey's thoughts are with the Ukrainian ice hockey family and the entire Ukrainian population," the federation wrote in a statement. "Swiss Ice Hockey and other member federations have filed a petition with the IIHF asking for immediate and severe consequences and sanctions against Russia and Belarus, which supports the Russian government in its actions."

The IIHF commented on the Russia-Ukraine situation last week.

"The IIHF and its council condemn the use of military force and urge the use of diplomatic means to solve conflicts," the organization said in a release last Friday. "Our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine and the Ukrainian ice hockey family."

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