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Kane, Toews congratulate Ovechkin on 800 NHL goals


Alex Ovechkin made history on Tuesday at the United Center, becoming the third player ever to hit the 800-goal mark. And he did it by recording a hat trick.

After the game, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and some other Blackhawks congratulated Ovechkin on his accomplishment with a handshake near the Washington Capitals' bench.

It was very much appreciated by Ovechkin, whose respect for Kane and Toews is mutual.

"When we play on the ice we're not friends, but as soon as the whistle stops, we respect each other," Ovechkin said following a 7-3 win over Chicago. "What they've done for the league is incredible as well. To have that moment after the game, it means a lot."

Toews couldn't fathom the thought that somebody could ever touch Wayne Gretzky's goal record of 894. He remains in awe of the number Ovechkin is at now, having actually hit 800 officially.

"It's mind-blowing," Toews said. "How many guys can score goals at his rate in the season, let alone year after year after year? He's one of a kind, for sure.

"Pretty incredible milestone. In some sense when we’re out of this moment, maybe it's one of those things you'll look back on. One of the great players of all time, so all due respect to him and scoring three goals to do it, getting himself an ovation and the ‘Ovie’ chant in our building tonight. So all that kind of, aside from the milestone, it didn’t feel great on our side, but lots of respect for him."

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