Podcast: NHL nearing return, how it could look for Hawks


The players and NHL owners haven’t agreed on finances to begin the season yet, but a new proposed start date has surfaced. Pat Boyle, Charlie Roumeliotis, and Scott King discuss the new start date and what that will mean for the 2020-21 season. The crew also discusses the financial stalemate between the two sides and why there hasn't been a collectively bargained agreement yet. Later in the pod, teams are considering playing games outside so fans can watch games, should the Blackhawks think about it?

*UPDATE: After this podcast was recorded, it was reported the NHL and NHLPA settled their financial stalemate and are targeting a Jan. 13 start with a 56-game regular season.

(1:10) - Latest updates on return to play for the NHL

(5:20) - Should the season start in Hub city bubbles?

(12:30) - Players and owners are at a financial stalemate

(22:34) - Teams considering playing outside to allow fans to watch the games

(28:16) - Parting shots

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