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WATCH: Adorable young fan interviews Blackhawks star Connor Bedard

A 10-year-old got the awesome opportunity to talk with Blackhawks star Connor Bedard for an exclusive interview

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Have you ever dreamed about meeting your sports heroes and getting the chance to ask them whatever you want? One lucky 10-year-old, Donovan O’Dowd, got that chance and made the most of it with a one-on-one exclusive with Blackhawks rookie phenom Connor Bedard.

O’Dowd showed up for the interview in a sharp suit, a perfect hockey mullet and a million-dollar smile. Of course he came prepared with some questions for Bedard that helped hockey fans everywhere get to know the rookie sharpshooter better.

For instance, thanks to O’Dowd we now know that Bedard’s favorite candy is Swedish Fish and his favorite flavor of ice cream is cookies and cream. O’Dowd also asked what Bedard enjoys most about playing for the Blackhawks.

“I can name a hundred things, but getting to be in front of our fans and in this city is pretty special,” Bedard said. “It's original six and a pretty cool place to be.”

Their wide-ranging conversation touched upon many topics, like jokes and burps. There was a demonstration of the former, but not the latter.

Overall, it was an adorable moment from a young fan who seems to have a bright future in journalism.

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