Who sings the national anthem for the Blackhawks?


Since 2007, Jim Cornelison has been the singer for the national anthem for each Chicago Blackhawks home game. 

On Sunday, Cornelison made a trip to Soldier Field to sing the national anthem for the Chicago Bears home opener against the San Francisco 49ers. Fans at Soldier Field cheered as he made his way through the song.

"Walking into soldier field yesterday before the game, the rain drenched boggy field sucked the shoe off my right foot!" Cornelison told NBC Sports Chicago. "I prefer singing with two dry feet! Kudos to all the Bears fans that endured those conditions. Congratulations to the Bears on the win!"

Cornelison, 58, started with the Blackhawks in 1996 as the part-time man for the American national anthem and "O Canada." 

The opera singer is an icon in the Chicago sports world. Fans at the United Center started cheering loudly at the beginning of his singing of the anthem and it's stuck ever since. 

He's sung for the Bears before, notably during the 2010-11 NFL playoffs. 

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