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How Davidson plans to approach NHL trade deadline


The Blackhawks launched their search for a full-time general manager in January, and the goal was to have one in place before the March 21 trade deadline. First step is in the books.

On Tuesday, the Blackhawks officially removed the interim tag and named Kyle Davidson the permanent GM. He's now the youngest active GM in the NHL at age 33.

In his introductory press conference, Davidson made it clear that the Blackhawks are headed toward a rebuild and not a roster retool. He wouldn't put a timeline on it, but we're definitely looking at a multiple-year plan here.

"There are some things that we really need to fix that are going to take time," Davidson said. "We really need to do this the right way and we're going to stick to the plan and take our time with it and make sure that when we get to where we want to go, then it was the result of a plan that was stuck to and not deviated from."

Given the fact a long-term approach is being taken by Davidson, the Blackhawks are undoubtedly going to be sellers at the trade deadline, which is less than three weeks away. After all, they have only a 0.1 percent chance of making the playoffs, according to Money Puck.

The Blackhawks have a few trade chips on expiring contracts that will probably see their names in the rumor mill leading up to then. The most notable players: Ryan Carpenter, Calvin de Haan and Marc-Andre Fleury.

The biggest step towards preparing for a rebuild is by replenishing the pipeline, whether that's in the form of prospects or draft capital. And that's what Davidson's mindset will be as he approaches his first trade deadline as a NHL GM

"It's just going to be monitoring the market, what’s going on," Davidson said. "I have a pretty good feel but things will change dramatically, I think, in lead-up over the next few weeks. We’ll evaluate what’s available to us. I don’t think it’s any secret where we are in the standings, so if there's opportunity to acquire some future talent and augment what we've got in prospect pool or our draft asset pool, then we'll explore that."

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