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When was the last Stanley Cup Final sweep?

The Panthers had a chance to sweep the Oilers in the 2024 Cup Final, but lost 8-1 in Game 4.

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The brooms didn't come out in the 2024 Stanley Cup Final.

The Florida Panthers were on the brink of sweeping their way past the Edmonton Oilers for the franchise's first Cup. Florida took the first two games of the Cup Final at home by a combined score of 7-1 before winning Game 3 in Edmonton 4-3.

But, just like the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals, Connor McDavid and Co. delivered an emphatic response with their season on the line. The Oilers steamrolled the Panthers 8-1 in Game 4 to avoid the sweep and extend the series.

So, after Florida failed to finish off the sweep, when was the last Cup Final to finish in just four games? Here's what to know:

How many games are in the Stanley Cup Final?

The Stanley Cup Final is a best-of-seven series.

Has there ever been a sweep in the Stanley Cup Final?

The Panthers wouldn't have been the first team to win it all without dropping a game in the Cup Final.

How many sweeps have there been in the Stanley Cup Final?

Since moving to a best-of-seven format in 1939, there have been 20 sweeps in the Stanley Cup Final.

When was the last Stanley Cup Final sweep?

There still hasn't been a Stanley Cup Final sweep in the 21st century as the Detroit Red Wings' 4-0 series victory over the Washington Capitals in 1998 currently stands as the most recent one.

Detroit's 1998 triumph actually marked the franchise's second straight sweep in the Cup Final, and it was the fourth consecutive sweep overall in the NHL's championship round.

List of Stanley Cup Final 4-0 sweeps

Here's a full look at every 4-0 series in Stanley Cup Final history:

  • 1998: Detroit Red Wings over Washington Capitals
  • 1997: Detroit Red Wings over Philadelphia Flyers
  • 1996: Colorado Avalanche over Florida Panthers
  • 1995: New Jersey Devils over Detroit Red Wings
  • 1992: Pittsburgh Penguins over Chicago Blackhawks
  • 1988: Edmonton Oilers over Boston Bruins
  • 1983: New York Islanders over Edmonton Oilers
  • 1982: New York Islanders over Vancouver Canucks
  • 1977: Montreal Canadiens over Boston Bruins
  • 1976: Montreal Canadiens over Philadelphia Flyers
  • 1970: Boston Bruins over St. Louis Blues
  • 1969: Montreal Canadiens over St. Louis Blues
  • 1968: Montreal Canadiens over St. Louis Blues
  • 1960: Montreal Canadiens over Toronto Maple Leafs
  • 1952: Detroit Red Wings over Montreal Canadiens
  • 1949: Toronto Maple Leafs over Detroit Red Wings
  • 1948: Toronto Maple Leafs over Detroit Red Wings
  • 1944: Montreal Canadiens over Chicago Blackhawks
  • 1943: Detroit Red Wings over Boston Bruins
  • 1941: Boston Bruins over Detroit Red Wings

Have the Florida Panthers ever won a Stanley Cup?

As previously mentioned, the Panthers are among the NHL franchises without a Stanley Cup. This is Florida's third Cup Final appearance, having previously lost to the Colorado Avalanche in 1996 and the Vegas Golden Knights in 2023.

Have the Edmonton Oilers ever won a Stanley Cup?

The Oilers were victorious in five of their previous seven Cup Final appearances.

When was the last time the Edmonton Oilers won the Stanley Cup?

Edmonton last won the Cup in 1990, with their other titles coming in 1984, 1985, 1987 and 1988.

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