President of France Consoles Players, Fans Support Amid World Cup Loss to Argentina


Argentina wins. France is left speechless.

After 17 years and 172 games with Argentina, Lionel Messi is finally able to hoist the World Cup Trophy. It was something historic and something beautiful. Even if you’re not an Argentina fan, you have to respect what Sunday morning did for the country and for the history of the sport.

On the other side of the pitch, though, Kylian Mbappe and Co. are speechless. In fact, the entire country of France is speechless after the defending 2018 World Cup champions lost to La Albicelestes by the skin of their teeth.

After ninety minutes plus stoppage time that left France and Argentina with a 2-2 draw, an intense two 15-minute extra period that increased that draw to 3-3, and a penalty shootout for the ages, Argentina clinched a victory over Les Bleus with a penalty kick final score of 4-2.

Les Bleus are disappointed to say the least and it’s safe to say the city of Paris is devastated. Let’s take a look at what people had to say on Twitter:

Fans of Mbappe were circling with excitement regardless of the result, considering the 23-year-old’s unstoppable performance on the pitch:

Despite the loss, a true French football fan sees the whole team, not just the mere ending to one game. And in this tournament, France simply dominated. Check out what encouraging fans said and what French President Emmanuel Macron did after an elusive World Cup performance for the boys in blue:

Even some celebrities had things to say about the country during the legendary final:

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