Tim Weah Says USMNT Will ‘Slow Jam' to Luther Vandross Before Saturday's World Cup Game


While athletes typically get pumped for a game with high-energy tunes, Team USA is planning on slowing things down before Saturday’s game against the Netherland and saying I’d rather” sway to Luther Vandross.

Star forward Tim Weah, who has taken on the roll of DJ for the team’s pregame locker room prep, told NBC’s “TODAY” show that he plans on changing things up for their next game.

“I might switch it up a bit, play some [Meek] Mill, or I might give them some slow jams, some Luther Vandross, who knows?” Weah said.

Whatever tune works for the USMNT who qualified for the knockout stage after a thrilling 1-0 win over Iran on Wednesday.

The 22-year-old is one of the two Americans in the 2022 World Cup who scored a goal during the team’s group rounds, along with Christian Pulisic, who is hoping to make a healthy return to the field on Saturday after injuring his hip earlier this week.

“Talking with Christian, he has been feeling good,” Weah said. “Me personally, I think he will be out on the field and I think as a team we will get that spark tomorrow when he’s with us. He’s definitely a key player to this team, we need him, we love him.”

Weah has been getting support that goes way beyond the American fans.

Weah’s father, George, is a former professional soccer player who currently serves as the President of Liberia.

Unlike his son, George never made it to the World Cup but played for the Liberian national team for 32 years.

“He’s living that [World Cup] moment through me,” Weah said of his father, who has been watching Team USA in the stands.

The USMNT returns to action on Saturday against the Netherlands to seek a spot in the World Cup quarterfinal.

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