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Angel Reese calls Candace Parker comps ‘special,' but says 1 thing is still missing

Angel Reese is having a record-breaking rookie season for the Sky this year, but she's not satisfied

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Angel Reese eclipsed Candace Parker’s WNBA streak for most consecutive double-doubles on Sunday– a feat that surprised even Reese herself. The result, more and more comparisons between Reese and Parker, a player who Reese calls “the GOAT.”

“I’ve always respected CP3 and I even try to take some things from her game and try to add them to mine,” Reese said following the Sky’s loss to the Seattle Storm on Sunday. “Being able to be named with an amazing player like that is always going to be special to me.”

It’s easy to see a few quick parallels between Reese and Parker. They’re each highly talented power forwards who can score as easily as they collect rebounds, they each helped to propel the WNBA’s popularity to new heights in their own eras, and they each have major ties to Chicago.

Parker grew up in Naperville and played for the Sky in 2020 and 2021. Reese has adopted Chicago as her new home.

However, there’s a particularly key part of Parker’s career that Reese hopes will become another major comparison point between her and her role model.

“One thing I’ve always looked at her as, is a champion,” Reese said. “My big thing is to continue to be named with her, I want to win. Being able to come out and come to Chicago, rep for her city and bring a championship home is what’s going to be important for me and what I look forward to.”

It’s clear that Reese enjoys her successes and that making WNBA history is important to her. She got visibly emotional when Sky head coach Teresa Weatherspoon announced Reese earned All-Star honors. But the main thing will always remain the main thing for her: winning.

“I’m just trying to be consistent for my teammates, doing whatever I can to help my team… I have a job to do every day, no matter if I’m a rookie or a vet.”

Reese will continue to make headlines as she continues to develop as a pro. There’s more history for her ahead, if she maintains the pace she’s set over the first 20 games of the year.

If Reese keeps doing what she’s doing, she’ll shatter Yolanda Griffith’s record for most offensive rebounds in a single season. Griffith pulled down 162 offensive boards in 2001. After Sunday's game, Reese has 97 offensive rebounds in 20 games, which put her on track for 194 this year.

Griffith, another WNBA great, a Hall of Famer (and another Chicago native to boot!), mentioned alongside Reese in her rookie season. And Reese won’t take it for granted.

“I’m grateful, lucky and blessed to be named along with these amazing players,” Reese said. “I’ve watched them all my life, and finally to be here in this moment to break their records and be up there with them is really cool. I’ve always given my flowers to them before me, because they laid the ground for me.”

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