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WNBA referee expands on baffling decision to eject Sky's Angel Reese: Report

According to a separate report, the WNBA plans to rescind one of Reese's technical fouls

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Sky forward Angel Reese was oddly ejected from Tuesday's Sky-Liberty game at Wintrust Arena for a small dispute with a referee, which ended with her waiving the referee off and walking away.

After the game, Chicago Tribune's Julia Poe spoke with lead official Maj Forsberg from a pool report to discuss the ejection. According to Forsberg, Reese received the first of two technical fouls, which led to her ejection, for "disrespectfully addressing" the official. The second was for waving off the official.

"After being called for hitting Jonquel Jones across the arm during a rebound, Angel Reese disrespectfully addresses the calling official," Forsberg said to Poe. "... After being called for the technical foul, Angel Reese then waves off the calling official in resentment to the call and is assessed a second technical foul.

"Since these were two separate acts, the combination of two technicals resulted in Angel Reese being ejected from the game."

Poe also reported the WNBA plans to rescind one of Reese's two technical fouls. It appears even the league believes a second technical foul was unwarranted for Reese. Here are the criteria officials receive to deem a player worthy of receiving a technical.

A technical foul shall be assessed for unsportsmanlike tactics such as:
(1) Disrespectfully addressing an official
(2) Physically contacting an official
(3) Overt actions indicating resentment to a call
(4) Use of profanity
(5) A coach entering the court without the permission of an official
(6) A deliberately thrown elbow or any attempted physical act with no contact
(7) Taunting

Cursing or blaspheming an official shall not be considered the only cause for
imposing technical fouls. Running tirades, continuous criticism, or griping may be
sufficient cause to assess a technical. Excessive misconduct shall result in ejection from
the game.

Initially, the league fined Reese $200 per technical foul, racking up the bill to $400, according to Poe. If the league officially rescinds one of her technical fouls, she'll likely owe just $200.

However, Bulls point guard Lonzo Ball, who attended the game at Wintrust Arena, offered to cover the check for Reese. He, too, thought the ejection was unfitting and blasphemous.

After the game, the Sky expressed their dismay with the call.

"I tried to get an explanation and I did not," head coach Teresa Weatherspoon said after the game, per Karli Bell.

Reese's frustration was justified. She shot 3-of-12 from the field, scoring 13 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. The Sky fell to the Liberty, 88-75, moving their record to 3-5 on the season.

The ejection marked the first of Reese's career.

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