Budweiser to release Cubs cans for 2022


America’s favorite pastime is back and no one is as excited as Budweiser, MLB’s longest standing sponsor.

To represent the spirit and camaraderie of baseball’s return, Budweiser has designed and will debut new limited-edition team cans just in time for Opening Day on April 7 – including one that celebrates the Chicago Cubs.

What better way to showcase Budweiser’s values and celebration of the pursuit of the American dream than to release customized red, white and blue versions of the legendary beer.

“Budweiser has long been the beer synonymous with baseball and with this renewal we will continue to deliver for baseball and Budweiser fans,” said Daniel Blake Group VP Marketing, Budweiser and Value. “This year, we are planning more content and campaigns with MLB that will allow us to reconnect with fans at the ballpark, at bars and at retail.”

The American lager conglomerate showcases the spirit of 14 team’s hometown cities with carefully crafted artwork on each niche MLB team can. The teams include: the Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Marlins, Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, San Diego Padres, St. Louis Cardinals, Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers and Washington Nationals.

The cans are uniquely designed by local artists and baseball connoisseurs, containing snippets of notable features from each team’s hometown city, including the St. Louis Gateway Arch for the Cardinals and vintage “Bronx bombers” sketches for the Yankees. The cans capture the true essence and personality of each team.

With a 30-year partnership, Budweiser has always been a major supporter of Major League Baseball, and this year is no different. In fact, after the seemingly endless 99-day lockout, the company decided they must show extra support to the sport, the athletes, the cities and the fans this season.

“Over 42 years of working with Budweiser, our partnership has evolved and together we have collaborated to reach millions of fans in our ballparks and on numerous media platforms,” said Noah Garden, MLB Chief Revenue Officer. “We’re thrilled to continue growing alongside one another and evolving our decades-long partnership.”

Fans can purchase the cans in the cities participating at locations where Budweiser is sold.

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