Cubs Talk Podcast: What would you ask the Ricketts family?


Due to the pandemic, there will be no Cubs Convention this year. But after all the changes the Cubs have made, what would be your one question to the Ricketts family at the annual fan festival? We shot that question to Cubs fans and they responded.

David Kaplan, Maddie Lee, Gordon Wittenmyer, and Tim Stebbins discuss and try and answer those questions and statements. They also discuss what impact the White Sox signing Liam Hendriks has on the Cubs.

(2:45) - Comparing the White Sox offseason to the Cubs offseason with the Liam Hendriks signing

(8:35) - Will some Cubs fans root for the White Sox this year?

(14:30) - Will the Ricketts family be able to be honest with fans about the rebuild?

(21:10) - Are the Cubs held to the same standard as the Yankees?

(29:10) - Yankees vs. Cubs comparisons

(33:46) - Why has the Ricketts family spent money everywhere else but the players?

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