David Ross already making an impact on Chicago Cubs' fan base at Cubs Convention


As David Ross is introduced at Cubs Convention, he gets a standing ovation from Cubs fans. 

Since being announced as manager of the Cubs in October, David Ross has been one of the conversations at the forefront when discussing the 2020 (and beyond) club.

How easy is it to go from teammate to boss?

That will be key in creating a culture in which his players and fans trust him as ‘Manager, David Ross’ and not ‘Grandpa Rossy.’

David Ross is not the 'Grandpa Rossy' you thought you knew.

With Ross at the helm, it’s all about accountability, that word we’ve heard over and over again. In his introductory press conference Ross stated that his conversations with Jon Lester on the mound “were rarely friendly.”

The quest to put 2016 in the rear view mirror is on and it relies on, yep, you guessed it - accountability.

“I want to win a championship. I want to win multiple championships. I want to bring championships back to Chicago. We’ve done that before, I’ve done that in another city, and I know what that looks like. And when you see the opposite — I’ve been on some losing teams — you’ve got to call it out as soon as possible.” - Ross

David Ross expects Kris Bryant to be with Cubs on Opening Day

Ross has, on many occasions, stated his desire to win another World Series and bring another championship to Chicago. With a core team that has proven they can do it, is 2020 the year he can bring all these talents together to go all the way? 

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