For the second straight year, Cardinals announcers trolled themselves at Wrigley Field


Cardinals 2nd baseman Kolten Wong made comments earlier this season saying if he didn't win the NL gold glove award at second base this year something was wrong with the MLB. And to his credit, Wong has been one of the best defensive middle infielders this season and likely deserves to win the award. 

But when Wong went to go make a play on a slow groundball in the 1st inning of Friday's game against the Cubs, he made an uncharacteristic error — ironically right as the Cardinals announcers were just talking about how they expect Wong to win a Gold Glove this season.

Uh, wow. Not even two seconds after Cardinals announcer Tim McCarver talked up Wong, he boots the ball twice and allows Ben Zobrist to score on the play. The craziest thing about this play is it's not the first time this Cardinals broadcast team has jinxed one of their players at Wrigley Field

McCarver made a similar comment last season when Jon Lester picked off Tommy Pham which was, of course, hilarious to every Cubs fan and the GIFs of the incident still show up regularly on Twitter even now, over a year later.

But in case you forgot, here's a quick reminder (look away, Cardinals fans):

Later in that same game, McCarver commended then-Cardinals manager Mike Matheny for leaving the right-handed reliever to face Kyle Schwarber, who promptly smashed a game-sealing grand slam the moment the St. Louis announcer finished his sentence. 

Just another quick reminder (Again, Cardinals fans divert your eyes). 

McCarver has had some tough luck with predictions/projections at Wrigley over the last two seasons, but regardless, Cubs fans thank you for your service, Tim.

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