Ian Happ homers after receiving waffle makers from Cubs fans


When a team is going through a rough stretch of games, it's the little things that tend to make the most significant impact, and for the Cubs, it seems that waffles might become their rally item for 2018. Or at least, Cubs are hoping it will after mailing Ian Happ three new waffle makers after the clubhouse waffle maker was lost on their way back from Philadelphia a few weekends ago. 

Now, for those who may have missed it, Happ and Javier Baez celebrated a Javy homer with, and it's not known exactly why, but a random waffle maker in the dugout. Now, it's not known whether or not the team eats waffles after they hit home runs, after a win, or if waffles are even made with the waffle maker. All that is known is that Ian Happ received three waffle makers in the mail Friday morning and that night hit a three-run bomb to carry the Cubs over the Reds and maintain their lead in the NL Central. 

The Cardinals had the rally squirrel in 2011, fans flip their hats inside out in hopes their team will rally, and apparently, the Cubs celebrate winning games with waffles. The 2018 Cubs are having fun despite not have a day in 30 days, hopefully, it translates to more wins and a division title. 


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