Throwback Thursday: What the Wrigley Field concession menu looked like in 1970


Concession items have gotten completely out of hand lately, from pricing to the absurd nature of the actual dish.

You could spend $100 just to eat and drink a few brews during the course of a three-hour game nowadays.

Which is why this glimpse at the 1970 Wrigley Field concession menu generates all the nostalgia feels.

That same $100 could get you every item on the menu twice over, and that includes apparel like jackets, autographed baseballs, bobbleheads and more.

The whole premise behind the pricing is "Lunch Well-and Economically":

Here's what Wrigley looked like in 1970:

How's that for a Throwback Thursday?

You could get three hot dogs for just over a dollar! A beer for 50 cents! The real steal on here is autographed baseballs for only $3!

Also kinda funny they sell cigarettes and cigars. Different times, eh?

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