Why Cubs may face tough path to hosting ASG in near future


Could the Cubs getting recent nods for some of baseball’s marquee events impact their chances to host an MLB All-Star Game in the next few years?

“We do try to spread those special opportunities around the clubs so there is some fairness to the process,” commissioner Rob Manfred said at the Winter Meetings this week.

“Having said that, a presence in one has never been a disqualifier. It’s just a very imprecise process.”

The Cubs have been selected to play on several of baseball’s unique stages in recent years. They played in the second Field of Dreams Game this past summer and will play the Cardinals in the London Series in June.

Wrigley Field recently underwent a multi-year renovation projection, and the Cubs' interest in hosting an All-Star Game has been no secret. Manfred said they're among the teams vying to host one of the upcoming games, along with the Red Sox.

In any case, there's a narrow window for the Cubs to host an All-Star Game in the next five years as is.

The Mariners will host the game next summer, followed by the Rangers — who opened a new ballpark in 2020 — in 2024.

The 2025 game is open, but the Phillies will host in 2026.

Boston last hosted the game in 1999, but you have to go all the way back to 1990 for when Wrigley Field hosted it.

“The window for the Red Sox would be ‘25 or after ’26,” Manfred said. “This is in the category of embarrassment of riches. We have a number of really good cities that are very interested in having All-Star Games.

And the Cubs?

“They would be in that category of embarrassment of riches that I referred to when I was asked about the Red Sox,” Manfred said. “The Red Sox and Cubs have both expressed an interest.”

Contributing from San Diego: Gordon Wittenmyer

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