Will Ohman adds a changeup


In 2011, right-handed batters had an .820 OPS against Will Ohman. His strikeout-to-walk ratio was halved when he faced a righty instead of a lefty, and six of the seven doubled he allowed were to righties.

Those numbers -- along with Ohman's solid ones against lefties -- are nothing new. In his nine-year career, Ohman has allowed a .769 OPS to righties and a .651 mark to lefties. But, at 34, Ohman is trying to combat those splits by adding a changeup to his arsenal, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Ohman says he's "comfortable" with it after working on the grip for over a year. According to FanGraphs, Ohman threw a handful of changeups last year -- 1.4 percent of his pitches, to be exact. Although some of those could've been wrongly classified.

Hopefully the changeup works out for Ohman, because as the lone setup lefty in the bullpen right now he may be asked to get more righties out this year.

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