Dragić laughs off ‘nightmare' Derrick Rose dunk memory


Goran Dragić never intended to be a part of Chicago Bulls history.

But that is exactly what the then-second-year point guard did when he leapt to contest a fastbreak dunk attempt by Derrick Rose in a January 2010 game between the Bulls and Suns.

By now, you have surely seen the highlight and heard Stacey King’s iconic call. But if not, or if in need of a refresher:

Now, a 36-year-old Dragić is the Bulls’ newest point guard, having signed with the team on a one-year contract this offseason. He is more than 12 years removed from that posterization, a two-time All-Star and unanimously revered veteran who will be relied upon for his toughness, high IQ and leadership by a Bulls team ready to win now.

Nevertheless, he fielded a question during his media day press conference about the Rose highlight. And he was a good sport.

“Yes, this is my nightmare,” Dragić said with a wide grin and hearty laugh as a reporter reminded him of the event. “The funny thing, this was the only time that somebody dunk on me in my whole NBA career.”

The memory stays with him to this day. Dragić added that he spoke to Rose about the moment while the two were promoting an Adidas campaign in Zagreb, Croatia.

“I came to him, I said, ‘You had to do it like that?'” Dragić cracked.

Looking back, Dragić reflected, jumping with Rose was a young man's mistake.

“It was my second year in the league. First year, I did not play much. So my second year I started to play a little bit. So I had to go for that play,” he said. “Of course if I knew now I would never go.”

But he has found at least one silver lining from the experience.

“It is what it is,” Dragić said, flashing another smile. “At least I'm on TV all the time.”

And as far as first impressions go, he’s off to a good start with the Bulls.

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