Jim Boylen hints at 2019-20 Chicago Bulls starting five


The Bulls have had a pretty solid summer that has universally been labeled as successful by the general NBA consensus, adding consistent veterans around their young core. 

They picked up veterans Tomas Satoransky and Thaddeus Young to add depth to their point guard and forward rotations respectively. There has been much speculation since those signings were made official over whether Satoransky specifically, would start at the point guard spot for the Bulls from day one. While no official lineup announcement has been made, we have a better idea of what the Bulls starting five will look like on day one of the 2019-20 season, following some statements from head coach Jim Boylen during Wednesday's summer league action. 

On the NBA TV broadcast, Boylen announced his "first five" as Kris Dunn, Zach LaVine-Otto Porter Jr-Lauri Markkanen-Wendell Carter Jr. 

Carter was limited to only 44 games last season due to injury but the four-man group of Porter-LaVine-Dunn-Markkanen scored 111.4 points per 100 possessions per NBA.com

There has been much speculation over Dunn being traded, even more so after the Bulls picked up guards Tomas Satoransky and Coby White, and retained guard Ryan Arcidiacono. 

Though Boylen stated that Dunn is a part of his starting five, it will be interesting to see what Dunn's workload would be with three other capable guards on the roster.

The Bulls aren't loaded on the wings, so there is a chance that Dunn gets more minutes playing the two or the three. Since the Bull picked up some perimeter shooting this offseason, they could thusly survive longer stretches with him on the floor (in some new-look lineups). 

It will take some time for Coby White to grow into a starting-caliber NBA point guard, perhaps the hardest position to make the transition from amateur to pro in basketball. With that being said, it was somewhat expected from most of Bulls faithful that Tomas Satoransky would be the starting point guard after how clear John Paxson had made it that the Bulls were looking for an upgrade.  

Now, Boylen's statements offer us some much-needed perspective on the Bulls point guard situation. It sounds like Kris Dunn is the starting point guard for the 2019-20 Bulls and we'll see how long this holds in the always rapidly changing NBA. 

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