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‘That call sucked': Referees take online beating after Iowa's 71-69 victory over UConn

An offensive foul called on UConn in the game's final seconds has been dubbed a "terrible call" by much of the internet.

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Let the girls play!

Many commentators and social media users were quick to criticize the referees in the NCAA semifinal featuring Caitlin Clark and Iowa versus UConn on Friday night, saying they got in the way of the two teams battling it out in the final seconds by calling an offensive foul on UConn's Aaliyah Edwards.

With 4.6 seconds left, UConn is down 70-69 with the ball. Edwards sets a screen and gets called for the foul.

Upon further review, the internet does not agree.

"That call sucked," said ESPN analyst and former Tennessee player Andraya Carter.

"Now that final play, it's not about the Iowa defense, it's about the call that the referee made," Carter added. "Maybe there was a slight lean, maybe Aaliyah Edwards' elbow was slightly out, but, to be honest, the calls weren't even on both sides."

Others chimed in on the call online as well:

However, after the game, UConn's Paige Bueckers said that one play or call cannot be blamed for her team's heartbreaking loss.

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