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Here's what Tom Brady told Colorado QB Shedeur Sanders about getting a new Rolls-Royce

Tom Brady had the Colorado football father-son duo on his podcast on Monday

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Colorado quarterback Shedeur Sanders may be making of money in college football, but it's not enough to score another new fancy car, according to Tom Brady.

The legendary quarterback had Shedeur and his father, Deion Sanders, who is also Colorado's football coach, on Brady's "Let's Go!" podcast on Monday.

That's where the college football coach took a moment to ask the seven-time Super Bowl champion for his advice.

“Tom, do you think a college kid needs a Phantom, like a Rolls-Royce?” Deion asked.

“No, it’s not a Phantom,” Shedeur said. “It’s a Rolls-Royce Cullinan.”

“I think he needs to get his (butt) in the film room and spend as much time in there as possible,” Brady said.

“Thank you, Tom,” Deion responded.

“Less time in the car and more time in the film room,” Brady added.

Shedeur was quick to call out Brady, saying "I seen you had one too, Tom."

But the former football star had the perfect response.

“That was just a rental,” Brady said. “Hey, I had a few bucks in my pocket at that point.”

Because of the NCAA's rules of allowing athletes to profit off of name, image and likeness (NIL), Shedeur has been earning a nice deal of money in college football.

Shedeur is valued to have an NIL valuation of $5.1 million, placing him No. 2 among all NCAA athletes. Bronny James, son of LeBron James, is first at $6.1 million playing college basketball at the University of Southern California.

Shedeur, a junior, leads the Buffaloes (3-0) at the quarterback position. Brady has served as a mentor for the 21-year-old in his early career.

“I'm so proud of him, just watching him grow and mature,” Brady said on the show. “We all start at a certain place and he had a lot of high expectations and he's embraced it. I love him, and it just makes me proud to see what he's doing. So I know it's just the beginning for you guys and obviously this season.”

While Shedeur appreciates the coaching from his father, he said the guidance he gets from Brady as a fellow QB.

“Hearing it from dad, I always hear it my whole life,” Shedeur said. “So it's like I kind of, I kind of understand what he's saying now the majority of the time, I would say. But of course, whenever I talk to Tom, then it's just different. Because he’s actually been back there taking snaps. My dad ain't never been at quarterback.”

The Sanders and No. 19 Colorado take on No. 10 Oregon (3-0) on Saturday.

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