Flashback: Charlie Murphy and his love for boxing


Comedian Charlie Murphy passed away Wednesday after a battle with cancer. He was 57.

In the video above we take a look back on when Murphy joined "Chicago Tribune Live" in September 2012 and spoke with CSN's David Kaplan about his love for boxing.

In the segment Murphy discusses how he found his passion for boxing through the man who helped raise him, his first time meeting Mike Tyson, and who he believes is the greatest boxer to ever live.

"I would say Sugar Ray Robinson. He had more fights than Muhammad Ali, he just wasn't as flamboyant as far as outside of the ring," Murphy told Kaplan. "Ali was a media dog. Sugar Ray Robinson wasn't exactly that. He had charm but he could not match Muahmmad Ali. But as far as, if you take that part of it away from it, pure fighter? (Robinson). Overall it's Muahmmad Ali, because Muahmmad Ali transcended boxing."

Check out the entire interview in the video above.

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