NFL Draft

Building the ultimate 2024 NFL Draft quarterback

How would you build the ultimate quarterback prospect using players from this year’s class?


What makes the perfect NFL quarterback?

There’s the arm, of course. The best QBs in the game today can make all of the conventional throws and some that work even when they don’t make sense.

Mobility is also expected at the quarterback position. Pocket movement is a must, but others have taken it to a new level with their legs. Whether it’s running past defenders or running through them, some of the NFL’s top QBs are elite athletes.

And then there’s the mental aspect. On top of being the leader of the team, a quarterback needs to be acutely aware of their surroundings, their offense and the opposing defense each play or pay the consequences.

The top quarterbacks in the 2024 draft class bring some enticing traits to the table. Teams have to weigh players’ complete profiles when making selections, but what if they could pick and choose prospects’ traits to create a consummate QB?

Using players at the top of this year’s class, build your ultimate 2024 NFL Draft quarterback and see how it rates:

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