10 Bears GOATs who could make the cover of Madden 22


Whether you view it as an honor or a curse, the announcement of the yearly Madden cover player is big news in gamer circles. On Monday, Electronic Arts teased the release of this year’s cover with a video on Twitter… but it didn’t provide much info.

The two goats are a silly way to imply some of the game’s greatest players will be featured. The question is, will they be past or present players? The Bears have never had a player featured on the cover, but in either case, here are some Bears duos that could make the cut for Madden 22.

Walter Payton and Gale Sayers

Not much to say here. Two of the greatest players to ever tote the rock in NFL history, let alone in Bears history. If we’re talking true GOATs, Payton and Sayers have to be in the conversation.

Mike Singletary and Richard Dent

When you hear Bears football, you think dominating defenses, especially the 1985 defense. When you hear 1985 Bears defense, you think Mike Singletary and Richard Dent. Sorry Steelers, but no defense has stifled opponents better in NFL history. These two are true GOATs.

Justin Fields and Allen Robinson

Ok, this one admittedly requires a bit of projection. But if Robinson ends up signing an extension, and Fields plays up to the team’s expectations, then this could end up being the best QB/WR duo in Bears history.

George Halas and Mike Ditka

Halas is an easy choice as the father of the NFL. Ditka could work two ways: one as the second-most important Bears coach in franchise history, or as the team’s all-time best tight end. If you go the TE route, it works with Halas as well, since Ditka played a critical role on Halas’ 1963 NFL Championship team.

Bill George and Dick Butkus

George changed football forever as many credit him as the first middle linebacker in the game. He was an eight-time First-Team All-Pro and made eight straight Pro Bowls, but more people recognize Butkus, who overlapped with George for one season in 1965 before taking over the position. Butkus is widely regarded as one of the most ferocious players and is undeniably one of the game’s GOATs.

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