Bears don't practice as scheduled amid sports protests


LAKE FOREST, Ill -- The Bears did not practice as scheduled Thursday morning as numerous NFL teams canceled practices in the aftermath of the Kenosha police shooting of Jacob Blake.  

Washington, Indianapolis and the New York Jets all canceled practices Thursday, while the Green Bay Packers postponed their practice Thursday morning. The Bears were scheduled to begin practice at 9:20 a.m.

Coach Matt Nagy talked this week about the impact of having his whole team together in person for discussions in the wake of Blake being shot by police, as opposed to having those discussions over Zoom in the wake of George Floyd's murder by police in the spring.

"It’s definitely different because you can see the second-by-second head shakes, understanding and agreeing, and if somebody wants to talk they don’t have to hit the spacebar," Nagy said. "So, that part is good. I think, all in all, with our team going through this before, and now being able to understand how do we react to it now and how do we do it together -- just knowing too that we are all here to listen. Every one of us is here to listen.

"And keep that word ‘love.’ Don’t just say that when things are going on, continue to use that every single day with all of us. I think for our guys, we are a very mature team and they get that, and I thought we handled it really well."


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