Alan Williams

Bears GM Ryan Poles addresses Alan Williams rumors

Williams resigned from his position as Bears defensive coordinator on Wednesday

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Ryan Poles addressed the media on Thursday, one day after a seemingly never-ending stream of headlines and rumors surrounded the team’s disappointing start to the season. One of the biggest news items was the resignation of defensive coordinator Alan Williams

Bears head coach Matt Eberflus declined to offer any kind of insight into Williams’ job status early in the day, and the team’s brief announcement when Williams finally resigned prompted salacious rumors online. Poles addressed those rumors.

“I don’t have many details to add there,” Poles said. “We try to work in truth. I mean, I know there's a ton of misinformation out there yesterday. We talked about Halas Hall being raided. Completely false. Don't even know where that came from. Worked with (Bears president) Kevin (Warren) and (Bears chairman) George (McCaskey), all of our leadership to make sure we were handling it the right way, communicating properly.”

Williams released a statement explaining that he resigned because he needed to focus on his health and his family. Williams also said he plans to return to coaching once he has addressed his health.

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