Bears: John Fox no Grinch, changes Christmas schedule for family time


The NFL and most pro sports have little regard for major holidays, other than recognizing that viewership can he higher. But players have families, many with small children, and Christmas can involve distractions, playoff team or not.

Coach John Fox is moving the Bears’ Friday practice back two hours, from the usual 10:50 a.m. to a little after lunch time, giving players time to be there when kids open presents and have Christmas breakfast, just to give them an opportunity to be with their families. Guys with young kids, it’s a pretty exciting time for their families.

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“But we’re still putting in the same time, just starting later," Fox said. "To me it makes you appreciate what you have, the blessings that you have. They understand they have to continue that.”

The Bears had to play on Thanksgiving day, which has turned out to be their last winning game day (at Green Bay).

“We typically are working at this holiday, much like Thanksgiving,” Fox said. “It is what it is. You have to work through it. Guys are professionals and they understand it.”

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