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George McCaskey made the NFL league meeting room burst out laughing: report

George McCaskey was the lone vote against the NFL expanding its number of international games

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On Wednesday, the NFL held a league meeting to vote on its expansion of the number of international games per season from four to eight games.

The vote passed with flying colors. But it didn't go through unanimously. One owner voted against the expansion, keeping his city's fans in mind while sending the room into a laughing frenzy.

That owner was Bears owner George McCaskey.

"We have generational talents coming in," McCaskey said, according to a report from CBS Sports. "Fans want to see Patrick Mahomes coming in. They want to see Josh Allen coming in. They want to see Jalen Hurts coming in. They want to see Tommy DeVito coming in."

The room burst into laughter, according to the report.

"It was the best line of the entire meeting," CBS said one source told them. According to the source, it was a "good-natured and well-received quip."

It's a selfish argument, but a difficult one to dispute if you're a Chicago Bears fan.

McCaskey's argument is based on the notion that fans want to see the league's best players on the rare occasions they're in town. For example, Patrick Mahomes has been in the NFL for seven seasons. He's played at Soldier Field once in the regular season in his career.

McCaskey "selfishly" wants his fans to see those generational talents.

The NFL has a rule in place for teams to protect games on their schedule from going international. However, the number of games they can protect recently changed from four to two games per season. Hence, a team may miss out on the chance to host generational players by the NFL moving said game to an international stage.

In 2024, the NFL will expand to Brazil, where one NFC team will be named the home team for that game. And again, the NFL will have a game in Germany and three in London next season.

That's another pitfall of international games; one team will lose a home game to play overseas. It's an unfortunate drawback of the NFL's ploy to expand their fan bases worldwide. But, that's part of the venture, yet probably another reason McCaskey answered "no" to the NFL expanding its international presence.

And, of course, fans are desperate to see the Tommy DeVito's of the world.

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