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WATCH: Justin Fields, Bears torn apart in YouTube film breakdown

"The QB School" didn't hold back in his latest breakdown of Justin Fields and the Bears

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For the record, if you're a Bears fan looking for fingers to point, go to "The QB School" YouTube channel, hosted by former NFL quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan.

He produces the most efficient, intelligent, detailed breakdown videos on quarterbacks in the market. His breakdowns are sensical and they come from an NFL background. He doesn't mess around.

Following the Bears' disastrous loss to the Packers on Sunday, he made a video tailored to Justin Fields and the Bears.

The video is one hour; yes, one hour long. After a brief scroll through the channel, it looks like it's the longest video ever created by O'Sullivan. That's not a good thing, at least, not in this case.

This video will make you feel bad about a lot of things.

It'll make you feel bad Luke Getsy is the offensive coordinator. It'll make you feel despair about the offensive line. It'll make you feel nervous about Justin Fields' development. By the end, you'll be questioning your fandom.

O'Sullivan tears apart the Bears. The lack of Fields' growth at quarterback; the outdated, unfathomably horrendous offensive scheme; and the shoddy, non-improved offensive line.

It's a mess.

There are some positives. But you'll have to bust out the magnifying glass in the hour-long video to find them. They're there. The silver lining is just that, a thin line.

In summation, it's not all Justin Fields' fault. It's not all the offensive line's fault. It's not all Luke Getsy's fault. It's a collectively absurd effort that ended how it was supposed to from their lack of preparation: an 18-point home loss.

The only issue is --- the Bears problems are to a worse degree than you probably expected.

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