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What picks do the Bears have in the 2025 NFL Draft? They traded their fourth-rounder

The Bears traded a fourth-rounder in the 2025 NFL Draft on Saturday

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On Saturday, the Bears traded their 2025 fourth-round pick to the Bills to reacquire the No. 144 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft they traded to the Bills for offensive lineman Ryan Bates. With the No. 144 pick, they drafted Kansas edge Austin Booker.

After trading a pick in the 2025 NFL Draft, here are the picks the Bears own in that draft.

  • 2025 first-round (own)
  • 2025 second-round (own)
  • 2025 second-round (via Panthers)
  • 2025 third-round (own)
  • 2025 fifth-round (own)
  • 2025 sixth-round (own)
  • 2025 sixth-round (via Steelers, conditional fourth-round)
  • 2025 sixth-round (via Dolphins)

The Bears acquired an additional second-round pick from the Panthers as part of their trade for the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. That second-round pick represents the final leg of that trade that has yet to be satiated.

They also acquired a sixth-round pick for trading Justin Fields to the Steelers. Should Fields play in 51% or more snaps in the 2024 season, the pick will move up to a fourth-round pick.

As for the Dolphins' sixth-round pick, the Bears earned that pick from the trade to send wide receiver Chase Claypool to Miami. To get him there, however, the Bears gave the Dolphins their seventh-round pick, which is why they don't have one in the 2025 NFL Draft.

In total, the Bears own eight picks in the 2025 NFL Draft. That starkly contrasts the initial four they owned and drafted in this year's draft. They technically drafted with five picks, but not before they traded for an additional fifth-round pick.

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