Bears Twitter dunks on Aaron Rodgers after Packers loss


The Bears were eliminated from playoff contention, let alone Super Bowl contention, long ago, but that doesn’t mean fans didn’t have a ton of fun watching an exciting weekend of football in the Divisional Round. Both the Rams-Buccaneers and Bills-Chiefs game were wild from start to finish, however in Chicago, the favorite game of the weekend was on Saturday when the 49ers and former Bears legend Robbie Gould knocked off Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

It was another thrilling finish that featured a special teams collapse, and had fans rushing to Twitter to dunk on Green Bay.

It was such a free for all, even Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker got in on the action.

Rodgers is a noted anti-vaxxer, leading to some more creative jabs aimed at the Packers QB. These tweets aren’t a reflection of NBC’s on the matter, but judging from the amount of jokes on the topic, they seemed to reflect the opinion of a decent portion of the Twitter population.

And for those Packers fans who chimed in to point out the Bears didn’t have anything to brag about this year, Aaron Leming provided some great advice.

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