Domonique Foxworth admits to incorrect Bears take


Ex-NFL player and current ESPN analyst, Domonique Foxworth, rightfully punished himself by making his Twitter avatar the Chicago Bears logo.

Why did he force this upon himself?

Last Thursday, Foxworth declared Bears quarterback Justin Fields should "demand a trade" from the Bears due to the lowly names on the roster. 

"The Chicago Bears don't have enough good players," Foxworth said on his new ESPN show. "Their cap is messed up. They didn't draft and sign all that well. Hold out and force a trade."

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Yes, the Bears had a mediocre off-season, sticking to the script of signing fringe-roster veterans to short-term, minimum value deals to fill the gaps. When a team goes through a rebuild by clearing out star veterans (Khalil Mack, Allen Robinson, etc.) and taking on the third-most dead cap in the NFL, it's textbook to hang back. 

Next offseason, the Bears plan to fully expend the large amount of salary cap coming their way. The organization is slated to have $100 million or more to play with. 

Yet, Foxworth claimed second-year quarterback Justin Fields should demand a trade from the Bears anyway. 

This is a ludicrous take. 

Not only does Justin Fields have zero leverage in asking for a trade from his premiere team, his rookie contract is miniscule. The Bears wouldn't be able to receive any value back from his contract. 

Moreover, the Bears front office showed everyone what happens when you request a trade. The organization put its foot down with Roquan Smith, who publicly demanded a trade in July. 

Nevertheless, what put the matter to rest was the Bears stunning win over the San Francisco 49ers at home on Sunday, which ended with the team sliding through the endzone in celebratory, "I told you so" fashion. 

The Bears will look to prove the doubters wrong again next week against the Green Bay Packers. 

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