Fields has most 20+ mph carries in a season since 2018


Justin Fields recorded his eighth 20+ mph carry of the season on Sunday during his 56-yard house call in the first quarter of the Bears-Packers game. 

He reached 20.15 mph during the touchdown run, giving him the most 20+ mph carries in a season of any player since 2018. 

But, he had been expressing some discomfort in his legs, as of recently, since he's run for nearly 1,000 yards on the season. He noticed the effect it's taken on his legs during the game and talked about it after. 

"I just felt like I was moving slower than my top speed," Fields said. "But, I don't know, I gotta check the GPS (editor's note: radar gun) on that and see how fast I was moving. So, we'll see."

One of the reporters informed Fields he hit "over 20 miles per hour." For the second-year quarterback, that's not good enough for him. 

"Oh really? I like to hit like 21, 21.5, or something like that," Fields said. "Gotta do some extra sprints or something."

Fields has the 15th-fastest recorded speed for a ball carrier this season, according to Next Gen Stats. He reached 21.23 mph on a run during Week 8's game against the Dallas Cowboys. 

Side note: Chase Claypool has the 10th fastest speed for a ball carrier this season at 21.46 mph. His came during his time on the Steelers in Week 1. 

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Fields certainly made the impression he hadn't slowed down against the Packers this Sunday, after missing a week due to an injury he sustained to his left shoulder in Week 11. 

He threw for 254 yards while rushing for 71 yards and one touchdown. He threw two interceptions late in the fourth quarter, but put up a productive effort nonetheless. 

Hopefully, Fields can continue to get his legs back under him, as the Bears head into a bye week next week. 

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