‘Fire Matt Nagy' petitions crop up online after brutal loss


Halfway through the Bears’ 26-6 loss to the Browns in Week 3, fans on Twitter were upset with Matt Nagy. Really upset. People were questioning his playcalling and his ability to get the offense ready to play. Those questions were fair, as the offense managed only 47 yards on 44 plays, including one passing yard. Fields was sacked nine times, and broadly speaking, nothing really worked outside of a 16-yard David Montgomery rush to start the day.

“You almost can’t even make it up, it’s that bad,” Nagy said after the game.

Unfortunately, things got worse.

As the afternoon wore on, petitions started popping up on Change.org for the Bears to fire Nagy before their Week 4 game against the Lions.

“It’s time we demand change with the firing of the Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy,” wrote Brian Bluma in one petition. “ By removing him as head coach,  he would save millions of fans from heartbreak.”

“His choice of plays are utterly mind boggling… and the team plays with no discipline,” wrote BadBeat Sports in another. “Myself, along with thousands of other loyal Bears fans have had enough!”

As of 10 p.m. on Sunday night, various petitions to fire Nagy on change.org had been signed by 1,075 fans.

The Bears have never fired a head coach midseason, so a coaching move seems unlikely at this point. And while the team certainly didn’t look well prepared to play on Sunday, the players still need to execute on the field. His players noted that and defended him after the game.

"Matt wasn't out there playing,” David Montgomery reportedly told WFLD. “It's on us. How are we going to blame it on somebody else that isn't out there playing?"

“We all have a job,” said Roquan Smith. “My job is to play defense and go out there every time the defense is up and try to make a play, and (get) the ball in the offense’s hands. I’m sure that everyone else on defense will say the same.”

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