How Trubisky balances preparing for free agency & new baby


There’s a lot for Mitch Trubisky to be excited about this spring. The former Bears first-round pick is entering free agency for the second time in his career. Reports suggest there will be plenty of interest for his services, just one year removed from being run out of Chicago, and he could have a legit chance to compete for a starting job again. But one of the things he’s most excited about has nothing to do with football. Trubisky’s wife, Hillary, is due to give birth to their first baby this May.

“We can't wait for the baby boy to get here, and me and my wife are so excited,” Trubisky said on the latest episode of the Adam Schefter Podcast. “So it's definitely crazy.”

Trubisky told Schefter that he’s always wanted to become a father, and that his own parents are his biggest role models.

“I think that unconditional love you have for your family and then your own kid is一 to love something more than you love yourself, that is an incredible feeling, and I already feel that way about my baby boy that's on the way,” Trubisky said. “So I'm excited to be a dad and to start this next chapter of my life.”

If trying to prepare for a new baby, while also trying to figure out where you’re going to live, all in a matter of months sounds stressful, you’re right. To cope with all the changes coming in quick succession, Trubisky has tried to compartmentalize the transitions.

“If you think about it all at once, it can be kind of crazy and overwhelming,” Trubisky said. “There's just all these unknowns that you don't know, like when's the baby going to be born? Where are we going to be at? There's all these unknowns. But I think for me, you just got to take it one day at a time. I was like, ‘We'll figure out those answers when we get there with free agency coming up. We'll probably figure out where we're going March 16th, hopefully. And then we'll get ready for the baby boy, get ready for OTAs and just, you just got to take it a day at a time.”

The other thing that gives Trubisky confidence as he embarks on this exciting journey, is that he’s not doing it alone.

“I have the best teammate in my wife that I can possibly ask for. She's my rock and whatever's next for us, I know it's going to be a great chapter for me and her.”

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