Khalil Mack was mic'd up on Monday night and you'll probably enjoy the footage


Khalil Mack was mic'd up during Monday night's win over Seattle, and lord there are so many generic motivational quotes we need to sift through here. 

If you want to watch the whole four-minute video, you can find it here.  You can also find a slightly shorter version here.  There's also this tweet: 

Mack has lots of energy, which is great. That he channels it into short bursts of generic sportstalk is hilarious. Here's a running list of the *exclusive* audio that NFL films is proud to present to us: 

00:24-00:33: Ahhh. Let's get it baby. Ahhh. Let's get it. 

01:24: It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. 

01:39: Let's go baby. Time to take the field. Let's go baby. 

01:43: I love it. Let's go baby. I love it. 


02:27: [inaudible] let's go.

02:42: Hey man, you've got to love it, brother. 

03:53: AAAHHHHHHH. let's go. 

There are some genuinely funny moments sprinkled throughout the video, though. Mack singing "I want your love, I need your love" after crushing Jeremy Lane is terrific. The way he goes back and forth with Germain Ifedi before calling his shot with a forced fumble is both great television and a mind-boggling feat of altheticism. He's clearly already a leader on defense, but also it seems like maybe doesn't know his teammates names yet? He refers to almost everyone by their numbers which is probably just a football thing but YOU NEVER KNOW. 

Khalil Mack: generational linebacker and very average mic'd up participant. 

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