Let's have the Bears trade for Deshaun Watson just for fun


Bill O'Brien is ON ONE: 

What is that? Honestly what is that. This trade belongs in Draft Day, staring Kevin Costner. This trade garners like two dozen angry posts on the fantasy football homepage before the commissioner blocks it. Madden denies this trade and politely asks you if you're on the right difficulty settings. 

So could the Bears go and get DeShaun Watson, closing the time loop and completing their destiny? Here's what it would take: 

1. A draft pick. Which draft pick? Any draft pick! DeAndre Hopkins went for a second and a fourth (and running back David Johnson) – that's got Ryan Pace all over it! Did you know he only drafts All-Pro guys in the fourth round?! The value almost speaks for itself. 

2. They could just ask nicely?

3. Trubisky for Watson straight up. Make fun of me all you want, but there was a real chunk of time when people thought this was a straight up Hopkins-David Johnson trade. Don't put anything past Billy O'Brien. 

4. The Bears to take on JJ Watt's contract, too. 

5. No one would be allowed to boo the Astros when they come through town. 

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